What is Backporting And How It Is Done?


Backporting is a technique used to apply a security fix to a older version of the software component using the parts of the newer version of same software component. In some cases the environment may not support to apply a patch for a security weakness detected in the software, in such cases the parts of the code are taken from the new version of the software and applied to the older version which is vulnerable. Usually this process is done by the developers themselves or some third party and it involves changing only a few lines of codes or values of variables. Understand this very seriously and start to read about the other cyber security tips also. In nowadays world the technology changes at literally seconds, and you need to be informed. But, don’t worry, we will help you with that.

To check if any one of your software component that is used on your servers is vulnerable to any security flaw, conduct a Vulnerability Assessment and check if there is a need for backporting any of your software components.

The tools that can be used to check for security weaknesses are

·    nmap


nmap can be used to check for open ports on the server and the services running on those ports. It also identifies the version of service running which can be used to check if that version is vulnerable.

SPARTA also provides a detailed information about the open ports, the services running and their versions.

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