How To Detect And Uninstall Bloatware

bloatware problem

Before we start talking about bloatware problem, you must have some general idea about it. So, what exactly bloatware problem is? Is it harmful to your device? If yes, then how dangerous it can become? Well, bloatware can be available both on PC and mobile devices. Today, here, we will talk about the bloatware and its effects on our devices. So, here we go,

What is Bloatware Problem?

It sounds funny and creepy at the same time! Bloatware is the type of software that has unnecessary features and requires a big amount of disk and RAM space. Especially, the developers create these bloatware tools when they feel to add some new updates to the tools. However, bloatware is used as a “slang” term in programming. When software is bloated by numerous unwanted features, it is then known as bloatware.


Sometimes bloatware can be found as a pre-installed software on your PC and mobile device. Most of the paid original software has their bloatware version which is also known as the trial or lite version. This bloatware will grab some extra storage of your device and will slow it down. Your PC will have


some pre-installed bloatware that can hamper your work. A bloatware has many disturbing actions including pop-ups, purchase reminders, warning signs and other notifications that will keep coming back to the screen.

How much effects a bloatware can have on your device? Well, it’s tough to determine. When you buy a device, you expect it to be faster and clean. A new device always runs faster as you expect. However, as the time goes, the device become slower. Why? Do not blame virus every time! It’s the bloatware that can also slow your device down other than viruses. How slower you device can become? Well, let’s make it accurate. A new PC without bloatware can start up 100% faster and can shut down 30% faster than a PC with bloatware. So, now you can understand.

Types of Bloatware

Now I will discuss the types of bloatware you can see in your devices.

Let’s start with Add-ons. Almost every bloatware has its add-ons. However, there are two kinds of bloatware can be found. One is desktop-based, and the other one can be found on a tablet. Desktop-based bloatware add-ons are disturbing and quite tough to detect. On the other hand, tablets add-ons can be found very easily and therefore you can uninstall it anytime.

Next one is trialware. Trialware is a type of bloatware that will not harm you that much. Trialware is the trial version of the originally paid software. Most of the renowned developers are offering their customers to use their trial software for a particular period of time. Many security software like McAfee and Norton are also offering the same. The positive side of a trialware is that software will not have unwanted features and notifications. They will have purchase reminders, but they will send those reminders on a timely basis but not very often.

Now, here come the Adware. The most disturbing and the nasty form of bloatware. Adware will come to your screen through the web or even via third-party software. This will not only irritate you but will also make your PC slow.

How to Uninstall Bloatware?

Now how you will uninstall a bloatware from your device? Well, it’s an easy job. Find out the bloatware and only uninstall them from the windows control panel. There is some bloatware that can’t be installed very easily. They will make you confused and irritated. In that case, you can use some tools like PC Decrapifier, ADW Cleaner, and Adware Cleaner. Those tools will help you removing bloatware from your PC.

How to Ignore Bloatware Problem?

There are some steps you can take into account to avoid any further disruption from bloatware. Let’s discuss:

Do not install software that includes additional updates, features and purchase reminders. Do not install any extra applications you really don’t need. Get yourself known with the cyber security tips and it will make it all clear for you.

Try to find a way to disable all the annoying features or notifications if you see any of your software has too many of that unwanted stuff and still you can’t remove it just because it’s too necessary for your work.

Before you download a trial software, make sure it is clean and comfortable to handle. I mean, the software will not force you to buy their product 100 times in a week.

Make sure the following software  has no linkup with some other tools. Try to find a single software that has all the requirements you were looking for. For example, there are many anti-virus tools are available that will force you to install other tools like PC speed booster, PC storage cleaner, and other few tools! This is disturbing. After all, some developers are too desperate that they want you to use all the software they have at the first meeting.

All the free and trial tools are not bloatware. You will understand by yourself which software is making you PC bloating.

Well, now you know that you have to do research before you go with any software. However, the bloatware  problemis not extremely dangerous for your PC. It makes your device slower and this is the only negative effect of bloatware.

So, these are some valuable information about bloatware problem. Now you can also remove bloatware from your PC too. The wisest way to get rid of bloatware is, buying bloatware free PC from a trusted vendors. At least, make sure that the authorized seller is not adding up any bloatware into the PC you are going to use. If you see any, you can ask the seller to remove it from your PC. Stay informed and safe with the best internet security tips!

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