How US Businesses Suffering From Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack is one of the vicious cyber attacks one can ever experience. Maybe someone will face as private Issue, but most of the time, many business enterprises are getting under the threat of this attack. Cyber criminals are capturing sensitive data from the business and putting many companies down to their knees. This is the most horrifying thing you can ever face, trust me! You might not be facing the problem, but many others are already. They know how embarrassing it is. Recent research shows that ransomware attack is increasing year after year. By knowing the cyber security tips and of course following them, we truly believe that you can keep your business company really safer. So, in this article, I will reprise all the scenarios as much as I can.

So, before we start, let’s see what ransomware is? Well, cybercriminals have designed such software that can get into your database in a malicious way and will block everything. You will not be able to use the particular part of the system until and unless you pay an amount of money. This is what a ransomware does.

Now let’s see what ransomware is doing to the business.

Effect of Ransomware Attack

A Recent survey tells us, on average 40%-50% of companies faced ransomware attack last year. Let’s see some other attacks. France was on the top chart that suffered the highest amount of ransomware attacks. In Germany, it was 51%, the US had 50%, and the UK got the lowest 39% but yet in the danger zone.

Now, what types of ransomware attack they have faced until last year?

More than 80% of attacks were coming from phishing mail and other social media sources. Everyone needs to learn how to recognize the signs of the vulnerabilities and in that case, the chances of the damage can decrease over the 80%. You can learn it easily by following the internet security tips! 50% strikes were coming from the downloaded files from any compromised website. Only 40% infection has occurred by the PC which was connected with the botnet.

Still, the number of the attack is rising, and experts are saying if this happens continuously, the number of ransomware attack might cross the line of 90% worldwide. That means, almost everyone will suffer from it.

Defensive Measures

So how to defend your business and devices from this vicious Ransomware attack?

We know that prevention is better than cure. By following these basic rules, you can save yourself from the ransomware attack online:

    Keep the backup files if necessary.

    Let your device show you the hidden file extensions.

    Most of the time, the malicious file comes as an “EXE” file. So, filter the Exe file before you open it.

    Keep your software updated.

    Get a security guard software that can help you. The software must be reputable.

    Disconnect the Wi-Fi when the connection is not necessary.

    Restoring the system can help you get back to the previous state.

So these are some basic rules that you can follow to prevent yourself from the ransomware attack. You can ask an expert for more professional ways to do that. Ransomware attack can make your business blank if you do not take any further defensive security steps. So, it’s totally up to you. Always remember, only you can save your business.

Secure your device with these security tools:

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