Mobile Security Threats

September 11, 2016 gotowebs 0

We all know that our PC can be infected by malware or malicious software. Like our PC, our mobile devices are not safe too! Nowadays, the usage of the smartphone is increasing day by day. […]

Pokemon GO security risks

September 5, 2016 gotowebs 0

Pokemon GO! Pokemon GO! Yes, we know what it is! A few weeks ago, Pokemon GO came out officially in the U.S. Smartphone users are downloading this in a large number. Players are enjoying and […]

Mobile Malware Protection

September 5, 2016 gotowebs 0

Mobile Malware. We all are familiar with this word, right? Malware is the short form of malicious software. It is designed to cause damages to any computer or mobile device. Malware is coded to disrupt or infiltrate […]

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