11 tips for spotting insider threats

November 5, 2016 gotowebs 0

As the technology advances the breakthrough, like the insider threats. Security becomes one of the biggest concerns for any organization. That is why the cyber security tips also need to be side by side with […]

Web application firewall (WAF)

October 31, 2016 gotowebs 0

What is Web Application Firewall? WAF i.e. Web Application Firewall is a firewall which monitors filters and blocks the traffic on HTTP  and web app. It helps in protecting the web application by having a control […]

How secure can your router get?

October 30, 2016 gotowebs 0

How secure can your router get? Router Security For any router to be successful, it is its speed which is important. While they discuss the strength of the signal, it’s just because it helps in […]

Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

October 15, 2016 gotowebs 0

Five Cyber Security Tips to Secure Small Business Nowadays, our world has become technologically advanced. Almost everything has gone too far to improve. The massive improvisation of our technology is also giving us the highest […]

Prevent Your Web Apps from Cyber Attacks

October 3, 2016 gotowebs 0

Did you know? Many big enterprises are facing massive losses caused by network security breaches. It sounds disturbing right? Yeah, it is! Many companies are still facing troubles even with enough network and web apps […]

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