What Is Command Injection How To Fix

June 8, 2017 gotowebs 0

Every minute, an innocent internet surfer is the victim of malicious cyber-attacks, it for these reasons that internet security tips are essential. With infinite possibilities and unknown loopholes, the internet is wary to a plethora […]

What Is Clickjacking And How To Fix

May 28, 2017 gotowebs 0

What is Clickjacking? How many times have you been redirected to a page you did not intentionally click on? Pop-ups, pages containing obscene images that randomly open up WebPages you didn’t click on; all fall […]

SSL Certificate And SSL Security Issues

May 25, 2017 gotowebs 0

In the wake of the increase in a number of cyber-attacks, ensuring online security has become absolutely essential. A necessity for every web page that holds sensitive user data and utilized by millions of online […]

Everything About SQL Injection

May 16, 2017 gotowebs 0

“SQL Injection“, the terms itself refer to one kind of attack. When attackers execute malicious SQL statements affecting your website or any web application, it is termed out SQL Injection. This is one of the most […]

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