Now when we implement a Wireless Network, we put a Wireless Access Point with which the users can connect to the internet by picking up the signals.

The location of the Antenna should be convenient to allow the users to get easier access to the network so that those unauthorized should not walk away with the internet. To ensure this we need to conduct the survey the signal spread.

The location of the antenna can be judged from the signal strength. To ensure good connectivity is the site survey. We put the access point in the network. The default SSID, password and Admin ID will shift to you. The best practice is to change the information so that the people cannot use the network without your permission.


You should disable the SSID broadcast in order to prevent the attacks from the foreign users. By default, it is enabled and will show the connection to other users also. It comes with only one layer of security and hence the Access Points should be protected with the passwords.

Otherwise, the malicious users can use your Access Point as the launch pad of some crime.

We could also implement the Access Control on the Wireless Access Point. We use the MAC Filtering to limit the access of the devices that would connect.

Another point to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the database is by using:

WEP: It is a security algorithm that protects the wireless networks.There could be two types of Wireless Authentication, one is Open System and the Other one is WEP Shared Key authentication. There should not be the same pattern in the keys as the malicious users can hack the information.

WPA: The problem of security with WEP was addressed by WPA encryption method. It is Wireless Frequency Protected Access. It works on the TKIP, Temporary Key Integrity Protocol . The TKIP dynamically creates a new 128 bit key for each packet, and prevents the types of attacks that compromised WEP.

WPA-2: To further enhance the security, WPA was replaced by WPA 2. It worked on CCMP. It is the best encryption till date that is used popularly.

To connect the two remote computer systems, you can control the Antenna Placements.To alter the signal spread, the power level control is essential for the effective Wireless Access Control.

The Antenna Placement and the SSID is significant to learn more about the Wireless Network Security.

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