COMPTIA Security+ Tutorial: Module 03,Part 04 – SOCIAL ENGINEERING


This is the type of attack against the humans. Malicious users will trick the customers, clients or others and force them to do what they are not supposed to do. One of its type is :

Shoulder Surfing can be described as the attack in which one is looking over the shoulder of the other, what the person is doing. The objective is to see what they see, type or do on the machine.

Tailgating is attacking the malicious users follow closely behind the authenticated users.

Hoax is a false story that you give to the individuals so that they perform the actions that they are not supposed to do.

Phishing: Attack through email is called Phishing attack where the malicious users can look for the credentials and later to gain access.

Vishing is the malicious person will call to intimidate you over the VOIP.

Whaling if the target in the attack is the CEO or VIP, it is called whaling attack either through a call or email.

Dumpster Diving will go through your dumpster looking for information that will give them details of your company or any facility, blueprints, maps, directory, etc.

Impersonation occurs when malicious users pretend to be someone else in order to get information.

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