How Phishing Attack Is Becoming The Cyber Plague

phishing attack

Ever been logged out of your ID unreasonably?
Or more so, have you ever been stuck in a situation where you were asked for your E-mail credentials for no particular reason?
Well, you might just have become a victim of Cyber Phishing attack randomly. Never think that you are not a target of the attackers. Always follow the recommended cyber security tips.

Preface to Phishing

So, what exactly is Phishing?

However, Cyber phishing is a term to describe a fraudulent attempt which carries out usually through e-mail and aims to steal your personal information and credentials. Phishing is a hazardous menace affecting almost all Internet powerful nations of the world.
Fraudsters and hackers causes phishing attack.They use mechanisms such as fake information forms, fake mimic website pages, pop-ups and fake e-mail addresses. The most common phishing tools used by hackers are messaging platforms, e-mail spoofs and by creating identical websites. Hackers inject malware into private computer systems which hinder their functioning and retrieve valuable data and passwords thereby leaving the user with nothing.

Who all are the most vulnerable?

Popular Social networking sites

Banks and other financial institutions

Auction sites

Online payment gateways

IT administrators

Shocking statistics about phishing Attack

You will be surprising to know that since the last three years, over fifty million Internet users from all over the world was under attack by cyber phishing attack. The mechanism behind phishing is somewhat really critical to understand. It is a highly complex procedure where users enter personal data or private information in malicious websites and web pages. Once the users do so, the same data is then stolen by hackers who get unwanted access to your bank accounts, contacts as well as other vital details. This information is then sold to various other hackers who use this data for their own interests.

How does Phishing affect us?

So here are the impacts of phishing are disastrous. Hackers use this technique to:

Pilfer valuable information

Steal funds

Break into computer operations and disrupt them

Affect goodwill and dismantle vital information.

People severely hit by phishing often find themselves in debt and in a serious dearth of funds. It also gives rise to widespread laundering and misappropriation of the money stolen from innocent users, most of whom don’t even come to know when and how they are attacked. Why would you put yourself in such a dangerous situation? Follow the best internet security tips and stay as safe as possible!

Viewing Phishing from a global perspective

Accordingly, in a recent cyber study has conducted all over the world, it was found that the country which is currently hosting the highest number of phishing websites is the US. Russia and India top the list of countries which faces phishing attacks most frequently.

On the other hand, there have been rising cases of real-time phishing attacks. So, the fake websites directly connects to banks and hackers get access to every single information including generated OTPs.
There are numerous ways in which you can save yourself from constant phishing attacks though. Here, we will surely provide you some caution measures which could help you stay careful of this vicious crime.

In that case, the first and the foremost advice would be to steer clear of spams and e-mails which are from suspicious senders.

So, there are no qualms about admitting the fact that this dangerous cyber practice is highly prevalent but as active internet users, it is our responsibility to stay aware of such fraudulent practices and validate the source of every information that we come across on the web.

Finally, this is all about phishing attack. Hope the article was helpful for you to get a proper understanding about phishing attack. So, be careful.

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