Ethical Hacking Course: Mobile Attacks Theory

What are Mobile Platforms?



Figure1. Mobile Platforms


  1. Android – It is the biggest and by far most popular. So it is also the biggest target.
  2. iOS – The next biggest platform is Apple’s iOS. It seems to be more secure than Android.
  3. Windows – Windows Mobile which is now known as Windows 10. Its market share is reducing day by day.
  4. BlackBerry – It is not used much nowadays.

What are Mobile Vulnerabilities?


  • Operating System – The first vulnerability is actually found in the Operating System. There are specific vulnerabilities in each OS that bad actors exploit to gain access or implant malware, etc.
  • Apps / App Stores – There are a few rogue app stores that hackers have put out into the market from people download malicious apps.
  • Malware – There are malwares that are specifically written for mobile platforms and perform activities like blocking device, data stealing, send SMS or spoof email, etc.
  • “Jail Breaking” – It is also known as routing. In the attacker try to get access to the actual OS.
  • Privacy – Mobile device is a personal property and if it gets compromised in any form it is a big privacy mobile vulnerability.
  • Physical Theft – Because of the size and portability property of a mobile device, it can be easily stolen and the whole device is automatically compromised.

What are Mobile Attacks?

Mobile Issues Ethical Hacking

Figure2. Mobile Attacks


  • Malware
    • Virus
    • Trojan Apps
    • OS Modification
  • Data Loss
    • App Vulnerabilities – They can leak data and privacy.
    • MITM – Man in the middle attack is a very real threat for mobile devices. One can sniff passwords, credential, steal cookies, etc. and all the attacks that are there for web application hold true for mobiles also.
    • Theft
  • Privacy
    • App Modification
    • Geo Location
    • MITM


What are the countermeasures?

countermeasures for mobile attacks

Figure3. Countermeasures


  • Mobile Device Management – It includes enterprise-grade software services and hardware that control mobile device access to the organisation’s data and services.
  • Lock Devices – One must always set a lock whether it is a PIN code, lock pattern, or any other. a device with an authentication is always better than a totally open device.
  • IMEI Blocking – If the device gets lost or stolen, one can ask the ISP for IMEI blocking.
  • Physical Security – Mobile devices are always with the person and the most important countermeasure to protect a mobile device is its physical security. The device has got the entire digital identity of the person and can prove to be very unsafe if lost or stolen.
  • “Find my Phone” – In Android, Apple and Microsoft ecosystems, there is a popular app called “Find my phone”. one can register the device on it which then talk to a back-end service and give real time information about the device. But there is a disadvantage to it also as the back-end carrier will always know where one is.

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