How To Protect Your Small Business From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks

As we all have already heard, and also seen, not only the big companies are the target of the ransomware attacks. Sometimes, the small companies are an easier target for them so they can faster break into their system.

Even companies that have under 1,000 employees are the regular targets of these criminal cyber-attacks. So, let’s go together to see and find out how you can protect your small business from ransomware attacks! These are the best practices to adopt to keep your business safe. We will now provide you the best cyber security tips and yours is just to read them, but also to implement them! Only, in that case, they will have the affection for your company in a good way.


  1. Always have in mind that the end users are targets. Your employees need to know how to recognize the ransomware danger. Maybe the best solution would be to have a training program. In the training program, you should learn all of your employees about the most important internet security tips that must be followed!
  2. Don’t forget to backup all of your data and make a plan for recovery if something happens, that you cannot control (but most of all, you can, don’t forget). For optimum protection, the best solution is to isolate the critical backups.
  3. Use the application which will stop the dangerous and suspicious programs from running on your computer and mobile phone, not to forget.
  4. Every incoming and outgoing e-mails should be scanned. It’s pretty familiar that many cyber-attacks happen through spam e-mails someone opens or installs a program they require. Do not install anything suspicious someone asks from you! You can install what you want and what you need on your own, and everything you can find on safe sites on Google research.
  5. Always check up if your anti-malware programs are running properly and if they are updated regularly (you can put them to be in an automatic update state). Run every program you installed and downloaded through these safety programs and antivirus protections.
  6. Just block access to known malicious IP addresses configuring your firewalls.
    All employees should only use administrator account only when needed and necessary. The best would be to avoid this at all!
  7. Never follow unsolicited web links in the e-mails sent to you. Never.
    Always disable RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) when it is not used. In that way, you may decrease your chances of cyber-attacks and phishing by 50%.
  8. Toolbar buttons and keyboard short cast should be disabled from office files transmitted via email.
    Always keep your system up to date, and if that is hard for you to remember in a life where everyone has a lot on his mind, turn on the automatic updates and you don’t have to think about it a bit. But do it! Not tomorrow, do it now, or at least today.
  9. If you recognize any sign of ransomware going around or being a threat to your company or business, it’s important to know that you have to contact your local FBI field office immediately to report it. Visit their official website, bookmark it, and see where’s the nearest located office to you. Doing this is a must! It’s a permanently work for us all to repress or even reduce ransomware and the danger around the globe.
    It’s not a bad idea to patch commonly exploited Softwares such as Java, Flash or Adobe. It will prevent many of these attacks from even being successful in the first place. This is a great tip to know.
  10. Never forget that the most of the ransomware is delivered through spear phishing. It’s facilitated thought the information based on the social media. Always be sure that you have a social media policy in a place that limits work-related information (for an example a job title) from being posted on your social media. I will mention again what I’ve said at the first-teach your employees to do the same.
  11. We listed almost 15 tips for your business security. This is a great number to tell this important thing. The only reason why the criminals are still here is that the people keep paying the ransom! Don’t do that! Consult a professional in your area, as we already shown you how (yes, I know you’ve bookmarked it, and if not-you better do). Consult it and get your data back, do not pay!
  12. As the numbers of attacks arise, there are many great programs and tools developed to stop this and protect you. Maybe try one of the most recommended which is AppRiver (Spam and Virus e-mail filter that blocks a large number of phishing exploits before they reach internal servers). Explore, instal, relax and enjoy.
    Don’t use open wi-fi connections. No need for a larger explanation. Just don’t use it.
  13. Use your common sense. Always listen to your gut, especially when dealing with ”strange” e-mail. Yes, they are wrong. Did you feel something wrong about them, right? Then, you know what to do. Listen to your common sense.
  14. It is very important to get to know your enemy. Understanding how the hackers work is a half of your security. Don’t forget to teach your employees the same. You know how they say:”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

No, there won’t be 20 how to protect yourself from ransomware and criminal cyber-attacks in your business. 14 tips are all you need. If you really read those carefully, and of course apply them in your company, enforce your employees to do the same, you are then safer than you were before reading this, at least 80% more. Even if the danger happens and occurs, you know what to do. Do not pay! Now go and make an appointment for your employees to have a great and well informative course. Do this-this week!

You know that there were about 200,000 victims so far, from over 150 different countries. Don’t take a risk! Live safe! Play safe! Keep your business as it should be-protected and valued.

If none of these I’ve said threatened you, then you should consider the fact that the hackers were able to infiltrate the UK’s National Health Service. That means only one-they are so much more capable of hacking the computers (and not to forget the mobile phones) of small businesses. Invest in cyber-safety and in cyber insurance and that will be the best choice for your business.

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