Mobile Security Gap Threatens Enterprises

Mobile Security

As we all know that this is the era of smartphones. We do our official stuff through our smart devices quite easily. Emailing, messaging, internet use, video streaming, file sharing is on the top of our fingers nowadays. At the same time, the mobile security issues also come forth. Surveys from the last 5 years tell us that the mobile security threat is increasing gradually as time goes by. There is few security whole are still allowing hackers to break security wall and steal and destroy confidential data. Here we will see a discussion on mobile security threats and prevention. So, let’s not waste a second anymore and start.

Gaps that Threatens the Mobile Security for the Business

IoT or Internet of Things technology has improved a lot. However, mobile security is also facing troubles through some security threats such a Mirai botnet-enabled DDoS attack, ransomware attack and more. Many organizations are facing sever amount of cyberattack. Recently, renowned internet company Dyn was attacked by botnet DDoS.

Nowadays, smartphones are getting very useful in the course of running a business and BYOD (bring your device) trend is fueling the usage of the smartphone in the workplace. So, we keep many important data in our smartphones that makes our business much comfortable. On the other hand, the number of cyber threats is also increasing. Cyber criminals are targeting our smartphones too. In such circumstances, mobile security threats and prevention measures should be taken.

A recent survey from Ponemon Institute shows that more than 80% IT enabled companies are in danger. They surveyed over 600 IT companies and IT practitioners. The result is quite dangerous, isn’t it? The number of ransomware attack is also growing high this year and will increase in coming years.

Another report from Trend Micro tells us that, the Android devices are getting more vulnerable day by day. Cyber attackers are targeting Android devices most of the time through the malware-enabled apps and ransomware attacks. So, Android devices are under serious mobile security threat.

Many experts are suggesting to keep smartphones safe and secured from any future attack. Keeping the backup of all the necessary data is the best option for anyone. Some other vicious threats such as mobile banking Trojans, malware like Dirty COW, Quadrooter and Drammer can cause serious loss to anyone.

Mandeep Khera, a chief officer from Arxan, suggests everyone to every single person and organization should be very careful about smartphone security. He says, “This is an outrageous mistake. One could set an classification behind dramatically regarding financial losses, formula damage, liberation costs, and even dump in batch price. Although top-tier companies are doing a many improved pursuits of safeguarding themselves opposite mobile threats, many of companies are descending behind. Hackers are anticipating mobile apps a good place to conflict, and these apps in a furious have binary formula that’s exposed and unprotected.”

So, it is imperative that we all should be very careful about mobile security issues, mobile security threats, and prevention measures. You can get a lot more information about the internet security tips and proper cyber security tips which will keep you safer! No gap should be there

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