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Network security

Nowadays, network security has become a bigger issue around the world.

The modernization of network system is going on, and the new threats are also getting discovered at the same time. Personal computer and smartphones are getting the same level of priority for communication purposes. Now PC is not the only option to use the internet, to send emails and instant messaging. Smartphones and tablets are also taking the place to get the online-based job done so easily. So, the broad range of networking system is now controlling everything we do. When it comes to vulnerabilities, people often think that only their PC’s are in danger. But that is a great misunderstanding. The most vulnerable devices nowadays are actually mobile devices and tablets, and why so? That happens exactly because of that I’ve said. Hacker knows that the people are not really educated about these ”new” devices and their proper and safe usage. I would highly recommend you to follow the cyber security tips and get yourself well-informed! 

Network security threats are also becoming a bigger problem now. Cyber criminals are trying to take control over the devices we use, stealing many personal and confidential information as well. Hackers are somehow seeking to find a way to penetrate the security wall you are using. Survey shows that thousands of private and Government companies and institutes are losing their valuable information from their database. Experts and researchers are advising everyone to take steps of build a shield against network security threats. Some of those steps will require specialized tools or software but most of the time you can prevent any cyber attack by taking some initiatives. The initiatives we’re going to talk about may also be known as the internet security tips

Today in this article I will share some tips which are considerably easy to follow. By following these tips, you can strengthen your network security wall. Hackers will find a very hard time to break into your safety system. So, let’s check them out!

Some Network Security Tips to Follow

Want to secure your network system?

Follow these basic rules and protect your confidential data.

Keep Changing Your Password and Username

Try to make changes to your login ID and password. Well, password especially. Change it once in a month or two. Regular changes will keep your system safer than anything else. At least, hackers will not be able to crack the original password so easily. Well, do not change it too much or you might end up forgetting your password someday! Once or twice in a month or two. Try it. It’s very effective.

Password Should Be Alphanumeric

Do not create a password that can be easily predicted. Please do not make your password:

Matches to your name.

That matches to your email or other ID.

Also matches to your username.

That is easily predictable.

The only way to keep your password secure is, make your password alphanumeric. Alphanumeric password means a password which includes both alphabets and number together. Example: abcdef12345. Well, you can make it much stronger by adding some capital or small letters! If you have no time to change your password, at least make them strong. Remember, a strong password is always hard to crack.

Change the Name of Your Wi-Fi

Are you using a Wi-Fi router? There must be a name chosen by you or your service provider right? Well, you can change the name. But this is not so necessary. Still, you can follow this rule. If you can’t alter the name of the network, you can follow the instruction given by your service provider or from the Handbook of your router. This name is known as SSID(service set identifier). It’s not too tough to change the SSID. You can do it by yourself, or you can ask an expert. But wait! That expert guy should be the trusted one.

Enable your MAC Address Filtering Features

Like SSID, every Wi-Fi equipment has their own MAC(media access control) address too. The router will manage to use a particular MAC address for PC, mobile phone and other devices that supports Wi-Fi to get them connected to the internet. But, a hacker can easily get the entry to your network by using the network name and security information. That’s why you should enable the MAC address filtering feature. This feature will let you know when a new device tries to connect to your network.

Disable Auto-Connection on Public Network

It is good not to get too excited about the free public Wi-Fi zone. A hacker can easily catch you through the public Wi-Fi. Use auto-connect features only when you need it for any serious purpose. So, use the public network temporarily or there is a risk that your device might get some security threats. You never know!

Turn Your Internet off When You are not there

Many people use to leave their internet connection ON when there is nothing to do with it. This is so wrong. Turn your network connection off when it is not necessary. However, of your password strength is tough enough then you can turn it on or off as you wish. But, you should always be alert. When you are out for a log holiday, you should keep your internet connection off.

Block Some Emails

Spam emails are the normal thing. Not all spams are harmful, but few emails could be more than dangerous. Email attached with .exe, .bat, .vbs file format can have malicious software. So, you block those emails that include such type of attachments.

Follow these 7 self-defense rules to make your network secured enough. I hope there are a lot of people who will be curious about this matter. Nowadays, we see many cases where hackers are penetrating the private network and stealing everything that costs enough to bring someone down to knees! By following these simple steps, you can save your internet connection and the entire network system of your home or company.

So, I hope this article is helpful enough to make you all alerted. I think, after reading the entire article, you won’t believe that you have wasted your time. There are so many initiatives you can take, and you can apply. You can share your idea with us, or you just can apply them for your goodness of your internet connection.

Finally, I want to leave a very short message for my valuable readers. Please, do not be careless about this network security issues. You never know who is trying to steal your info or maybe even trying to track your whereabouts. Be careful.

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