Obama CyberSecurity plan faces uncertain fate under Trump

In past years, U.S companies have faced many cyber security issues as we all know that already. Even, the number of cyber threats are increasing month by month and year after year. So, what logical steps the United States Government are taking so far? Well, during Obamas’ presidency, many noticeable changes came to the line. President Obama has designed a great cyber security plan for the U.S people. Yes, hearing this can make you feel safer. But honestly, don’t just sit and wait and see what will happen. Until the things get clear, and you don’t know how much it will take, learn by yourself to follow the best internet security tips.

We have seen the current U.S president election result. Donald J. Trump is the new ruling president of the United States of America. In this article, we will see whether Trump is focusing the past cybersecurity plans of Obama or not? There were many meetings and conferences took place in the U.S and Obama was there to arrange them. The main issues of those conferences were related to the cyber security, cyber crime and cyber war between the U.S and Russia.


Obama has asked for help to Russia and offered the Russian president Mr. Putin to work together to stop this unwanted political issues. However, the Russian Government has answered to Obama’s offer positively. Russia also agreed to work together with the U.S and told to be strict against cybercrime. However, American critics and political experts are saying something different! They are suggesting that the Russians are not going to follow the rules that Obama planned and designed.

In a recent survey by the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity they showed that to increase the cyber security, the U.S needs more than 150,000 highly trained cyber security experts in different work fields. This number of security specialists can do something against future cyber threats in future. Obama significantly supported the commission.

The commission began to work from February 2016. Executives from Microsoft, Uber, IBM and many former U.S Government professionals are also working with the commission. Obama also mentioned that it would remain up to the next president to help the commission. Obama also said, the next president should also listen to the recommendations of the cybersecurity commission.

In a statement, Obama quoted, “As the Commission’s report counsels, we have the opportunity to change the balance further in our favor in cyberspace. But only if we take additional bold action to do so.” The commission itself has published a report of 100 pages where they mentioned that “An ambitious but important goal for the next Administration should be to see no major breaches by 2021 in which identity — especially the use of passwords — is the primary vector of attack.” 

So, it’s just the matter of time now. Let’s see as a president what Donald J. Trump can do. Will he going to follow Obamas’ steps? Or will he design his plan of cyber security for the coming ears? We don’t know how the situation will be solved. For your best safety, get the best sources about the cyber security tips!

Let’s see.

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