Strengthening Your Security Walls against Cyber Threats

The number of cyber attacks has raised in the past few years. Everyone including individuals and small to large businesses are becoming the target of breachers. Hackers always locate a route to get in your system; it doesn’t matter how firmly you have configured your security walls. Companies are facing colossal loss in due to cyber attacks every year. The overall spending on security-related services and hardware is expected to touch $119.9 billion by the year 2021 as forecast by a survey conducted by International Data Corporation(IDC).

Strategic Planning:

A proper risk management plan must be introduced within premises which is executed instantly at the time of the cyber breach.  The study from past resources such as previous attacks and used strategies are acknowledged for designing an adequate risk management plan. Your plan should define alternate to every obstacle that can be faced in your cyber journey.

Awareness Programs:

Every employee including the owner itself must be aware of the cyber menaces to their organisation. Most of the cyber breaches are the outcome of the insider’s involvement. Every individual in the company should understand and accept their responsibility and participate in achieving the best result for security. You can even take advantage of cyber security training and certification, for example, cyber security certification to educate your employees and help them understand the fundamentals of cyber security.

Data Encryption:

If you have not implemented a secure sockets layer certificate on your site, then you are at the peril of attack. SSL encrypts data flowing at the transport layer of HTTPs protocol. It establishes a secure link between server and client browser.

Apart from data flow on the server, the overall companies data plays a critical role in driving success to the organisation. These informations are stored very securely with encryption. Only responsible person with the required key can access this data.

Strong Password:

Using weak password credentials can shift your safe environment towards a significant risk. The brute force techniques used by hackers can help them to achieve your credentials by guessing and analysing simple patterns. If you have a habit of using the combination of small, large and special characters in your password credentials, they can’t get you.

There are more advanced security mechanisms such as authenticator, one-time password etc., are available to provide you with a better secure area to work. These two or three level securities allows you to achieve the multifactor authentication for your login credentials.

Regular Updates:

It doesn’t matter that whether you are using cloud services or you have set up for the mini data centre to operate all your company work. The installed software and operating system in your machine should regularly update as big companies always try to maintain advanced security by adding patches in their previous versions. Installing these update patches restricts attackers to take advantage of your sensitive data.

Data Replication:

Creating a regular backup of your business related information protects you from the most of the external threats such as accidental loss of data, malware attacks disrupting information etc. There is malware flying over the internet such as ransomware which can halt your work and delete all your sensitive data from the machine.

You can get multiple options to maintain a backup of your information on the cloud as well as hard drives with other outstanding supporting services for recovery, monitoring, etc. You can access this information from anywhere and anytime with minimal payment charges.

Restricted Access:

Providing access to sensitive data to anyone can cause vulnerability. Distributing credentials to limited people reduces the chances of unauthorised evasion.

Allow access to only known persons like company employees in the physical hardware room where you keep and monitor all your stuff. Few organisations restrict the use of personal electronic devices such as mobile phones, pen drives, laptops etc., in their office premise and are delivering the safe result.

Hiring Security Experts:

When a business grows, fortunately, many obstacles are observed in its operations. Hiring an expert team is the best solution to uncover the flaws associated with the system. It will be your team’s responsibility to manage and monitor anomalies detected in your network to instantly resolve them. The inclusion of safety-related antivirus program and securely configured firewall with scalable predefined rules manages the incoming and outgoing traffic in your system. A security expert can only handle these resources precisely.

It is not that much easy to stay safe in this variable internet world. The ongoing cyber attack techniques with varieties of attack types for every layer of security disappoint many companies. You can create a secure room for providing safety to all your assets by considering all these above discussed points.

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