Top Cyber Security Prediction For 2018

Cyber Security Prediction

If we take a look at 2017, that is just behind us, we can see the biggest security disasters that happened, starting from state-sponsored attacks, through Wannacry, to Russian’s manipulation of social media and more and more phishing that appeared every single day. This is exactly why we created this article-to avoid the cyber threats and to show you the best cybersecurity trends for 2018! Let’s see the latest cybersecurity trends and security tips!


1. Meeting GDPR compliance by the deadline. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Did you know that many business companies don’t take these regulations seriously and end up with paying high fines? The next fact will show you better why is this so important if you want to protect the business from cyber attacks.


2. The point of GDPR. There are different thoughts about who pays first here. Many people think that EU companies are the ones that will pay first, but others think that the US companies are targeted. But, let’s get things straight. Antitrust issues come from European Mission when it comes to privacy with Facebook, Google, or even Amazon. If you want to protect your business, then you definitely need to think about these web security tips. Know what GDPR’s rules are and follow them.


3. Password-only authentication. If you want to follow the newest internet security and mobile security tips, then you definitely need to hear more new rules when it comes to authentication. Do you know that numerous people haven’t even heard of MFA-multi-factor authentication? Do you know how many people are calling the Equifax and Anthem breach every single day asking for their accounts safety? At least, there is some good news. These people are aware that passwords alone are not enough, but they don’t know anything about multi-factor authentication, for example. Most risk-based authentications are most of the times bundled with IAM tools, or identity and access management. This powerful market had a growth of 15% already in this year, so it is obvious that password-only authentications need to be extinct.


4. The attacks will increase. And not any attacks, but state-sponsored ones. That is exactly what we have talked about in fact number three. When talking about Russia, North Korea, and Iran for example, we can already see that these countries don’t have much more to lose when they continue their attempts of stealing, spying, disrupting, or extorting, when infiltrating information systems. How is that possible? Easily, because they all already have sanctions and consequences for everything that happened (we talked about it at the beginning of this article). What would be the area that needs to concerns us? It would definitely be some critical infrastructure, for example, power and communications grids. Everyone was talking about those nation-states attacks, but this is definitely a concern now. There will be a huge progression of infrastructure cyber attacks in the crosshairs.


5. loT devices compromised attacks. These kinds of attacks will definitely get worse in 2018. We all know how there are so many devices that have a small protection or no protection at all. What can we do here is exactly everything we have already talked about. Ok, we met our enemy, and now what? We need to follow internet security tips and cyber security tips. We need a strong password, like the ones I have mentioned already. We need to keep our software up to date, to ignore spam emails and avoid phishing that way. When talking about business, a company needs to have a great education for all the employees. Encryption, authentication, protected access… Also, don’t forget to keep your devices safe, because they can be stolen or lost. Get the best antivirus program you can. Have a recovery plan! Keep your sensitive data safe and protected!


6. Threat-detection automation. What will happen in 2018 is that the automation of these detections will definitely increase. There are a lot of teams that have been working hard to create some massive volumes and alerts to realize if anything may be a threat to data. We can already see how such job is actually repetitive, so using software for such purpose would be the best.


7. A casualty of the war on cybercrime. Can you think what could eventually be a casualty of cybercrime? Definitely, trust. When you think about PII, personally identifiable information, do you think that there is a person that can be sure its PII is safe? No, there isn’t. The third-party breaches are the ones you need to be aware of here. Don’t download those cute and suspicious free apps and emoticons.


8. The artificial intelligence. It is not surprising that in the nowadays tech’s world we will have more and more artificial intelligence each day. Also, a much higher demand for it will be required. You need to understand very well that cyber criminals also evolve, and that is exactly why 2018 will bring us machines and programs that will be able to detect, fight against, examine and prevent all those attacks. Or at least, engineers are working on such software.


9. Machine learning. It must be used on both sides, and it will be in the recent future. What is it actually? It is an ability given to computers to learn everything they need without even being programmed! It can simultaneously identify all those vulnerabilities and fix them at the same time. Also, it will be possible to prevent the attacks and if they happen, to have a proper defense.


10. Blockchain apps. These will be definitely more spread. Blockchain apps are great because they are able to break up data into chunks and to easily distribute them all over a decentralized network. What this can do is that it will easily prevent the attackers from accessing numerous data at once.


11. Ransomware? What will happen with ransomware is that it will shift targets. It wasn’t such profitable in 2017, so it needs a new plan, right? They will target some special individuals with a purpose to get to some higher companies which will probably be their actual target. What can you do? Use the VPN network!

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