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Twitter is one of the most favorite social networking platforms. Since 2006, Twitter has managed to create a huge user base around the world. Unlike Facebook, you can’t add anyone, but you can follow any person if you want to get all their activities and updates on Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey is happy with Twitter and its user activities. According to the last survey, Twitter has more than 313 million active users from all over the world. Twitter security is mandatory nowadays.

We all know about the Twitter more or less. So, there is nothing newer if I introduce you with one of the favorite social networking sites. So, let’s get to the main topic. Like Facebook, Twitter has some security issues too. Twitter security doesn’t only mean your account will be safer; it also means some inner security as well. Recently, terrorist attacks are increasing horrifically. Terrorist activists and extremists are choosing social networks to spread their words all over. You need to keep yourself as safe as you can! So, what should you do then, have you ever asked yourself? First of all, follow the internet security tips!

Social Network Security and Twitter Security

It is really bad for anyone or any nation who are experiencing terrorist activities on social network sites. Sometimes, those activities are fine enough to influence any person to get in the same dangerous way. As we all know, ISIS is attacking in many countries and acclaiming the responsibilities. These terrorist groups are recruiting new members from every country, and they are using social network platforms to do so. However, ISIS’s terrorist acts left everyone blaming Islam when the truth is, Muslim or Islam was never related to ISIS or any other terrorist group. But this is not the thing we should worry about! As we saw many living evidence that tells us, terrorist gangs are using social networking sites to manage their online activities.

Therefore, it has become the biggest threat to any social networking security. Even the account of CEO Jack Dorsey has been hacked. In August, Twitter has officially announced they are going to take some anti-terrorist initiatives to stop all kind of terrorist activities on Twitter. Just to make sure highest Twitter security, the officials are detecting much suspicious twitter account and also banning those accounts once and for all. Twitter has removed more than 235,000 twitter accounts because all those accounts were suspected of promoting terrorism. The overall banned accounts are more than 360,000. Twitter authorities are keeping their eyes on each and every Twitter accounts just to make sure whether those accounts are promoting terrorism or further suspicious.

Twitter is Balancing Their Anti-Terrorism Activities

Recently, Twitter has expanded their affiliations with many organizations that are working to counter terrorism act online. It is great news. Isn’t it? You will be very glad to know that some of those anti-terrorism organizations are True Islam from U.S., French organization called Parle-Moi d’Islam, The Sawab Center from UAE, Imams Online in the UK and an Indonesian organization called Wahid Foundation.

Twitter executives have recently attended a summit in France which was arranged by Indonesian counterterrorism agency and an interior ministry of France. It shows that how Twitter is managing to rise against terrorism and online violation.

Experts Talk

In a recent interview with TechNewsWorld , Chenxi Wang, TwistLock’s Chief strategist recently said, “You could, perhaps, consider creating a statistical analysis model that will be predictive in nature but then you are venturing into territories that may violate privacy and freedom of speech.”

Wang also stated that, rather than regulating these steps, everyone needs to work together and it will be the only way do something for Twitter’s best interest.

Twitter Should Follow These Steps

However, there is nobody or nothing to judge the success of Twitter’s anti-terrorism act. Another programming expert Michael Jude raised few question when he was in an interview session with TechNewsWorld, “How often does Twitter influence people who might be violent? How likely is it that truly crazy people will use Twitter as a means to incite violence? And how likely is it that Twitter will be able to apply objective standards to making a determination that something is likely to encourage terrorism?”

Jude says, the answer to the very first question is not clear. However, the last question can raise very problematic issues. He also got another question for all of us. It was, “What if Twitter’s algorithms are set such that supporters of Trump or Hillary are deemed terroristic? Is that an application of censorship to spirited discourse?”

It looks like Michael Jude has many thoughts regarding Twitter’s security in his mind.

Law Passed against Online Terrorism

An immense pressure was over the head of Obama administrations to come up with a plan that can reduce online violence and terrorism. Therefore, in 2015, the United States House of Representative passed a bill called the Combat Terrorist Use of Social Media Act of 2015. Michael Jude also commented about it. He explained why passing the bill was an excellent initiative and every single Government authority should follow this new addition to the constitution.

Not only Twitter, now Facebook, and YouTube is also using an automated system. The system is to detect, block and remove any content that relates to the terrorism from their pages. So, it’s a superb news for all of us. Social media sites are preparing themselves to stand against terrorism in any mean possible. This is a new light of hope.


Now we know how Twitter is fighting against online terrorism. We also got to know what experts are talking about it. Hopefully, this article regarding twitter security is going to make you alert. Because it’s us who can check the terrorist activities online. You can do a lot for yourself by following the cyber security tips! So, we can ensure the social networking security is going well.

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