9 Reasons why users still struggle with online security

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The struggle and challenges for safeguarding the cyber world is immense. It seems like everyone considers himself to be an expert in terms of cyber security but still no one’s safe from the innumerable online threats whether they’re viruses, malware, Trojans, hack attacks or any other DDoS attacks. This leads to the conclusion that each and every user of internet should learn about all the reasons because of which they are even now struggling with the online security. If you still don’t even know the difference between the phishing or malware, you really need to improve your knowledge about cyber security tips!

Reasons for online threats

Below is a comprehensive list of the reasons which pose a threat to online security:

Due to abundance of security software as well as tools

The biggest reason for failure of everyday user’s online security is abundance of the security tools as well as software. While there’re a number of tools as well as software offered by the security firms and developers, it’s still quite difficult to figure out the tools or a set of useful tools which may do the job right. The worst part is that each and every security firm claims that its tools and software are best in the market making it impossible for all the users to make the right choice.

Online Security Mistakes

The download sources are traps

The main reason why the computers as well as other devices of the users are being infected by the different types of viruses like Trojan, malware, etc. is unreliable sources for download. When you would look up on any search engine for about any tool or software, you would be offered a number of websites for downloading the files from. If something seems suspicious, then it is a threat! Follow your gut and follow the recommended internet security tips! Unfortunately, most of them trap you into downloading the infected file in place of what you have been looking for actually.

Lack of awareness among the users about the newer threats

As the online threats are rapidly increasing at a very fast pace, it’s becoming even more difficult for the average user to keep a track of all the things. When the users assume that they are aware of all threats, they make use of the anti-virus or any security tool or software and thinks that he is safe completely. There’re those users too who wish to know about the newer threats for being completely safe and secure but do not find time for doing it. In both the cases, the users are vulnerable against the most dangerous cyber-attacks.

Almost no security software is secure totally

Each and every security software today is penetrable or breakable. The cyber history proves that no matter what type of tool, software, social network, or service is offering, some of the mastermind experts somehow finds vulnerability and then spoils it. It just means that users need to stay alert every time while having security software properly running in the system.

The one solution for everything does not really exist

While a lot of them claim it, none of the online safety software provider really offers one solution for all the problems it’s not just that they’re not willing to offer users what actually they deserve but unluckily they’re just not able to do it. With a number of threats lurking in the cyber world today, it’s impossible for any tool for protecting the users from each and every risk and danger.

Many tool developers often forget about the security updates

It’s quite easy to develop the security software but very difficult to manage it through regular updates. Various security tools and software are launched with a number of claims. But with time, the developers become ignorant of updating them. Regular updates and improvements are essentials for the software and the tool to work properly.

VPNs are still Infamous

VPN services are the best solutions when it is about finding the one stop solution for online security. However, the main issue is that the VPN services are not so famous. A large number of people assume that VPN is often used to unblock the restricted content. While a lot of people see the VPNs streaming boosters. But actually VPN is the one time solution for having total security, freedom or privacy for accessing everything.

Social networking sites getting fierce in spring the users

It is a fact that people are dependent on the social media websites then on water or air. We can’t spend any time without posting our pictures and other stuff on social networking websites. It is like we’re sharing our own space without everyone knowing it


Using unique and strong passwords were a few strategies by both the groups. While a lot of expert’s emphasis the users for using unique passwords. However, very few of them talked about having very strong passwords. The users even prioritised changing their passwords often than the experts.

Password managers

Despite password data claiming 2 of the top 5 spots using password-managers rank low amongst the users. Only 3% of the users mentioned with the help of tools as compared to 12% of the experts. Adopting the password-managers rounded off the top 5 security practices for the experts.

Also, approximately 32% of the users ranked the password managers as quite effective. While 40% of them said that they would be following the advice for using them. The users also commented that the password managers were quite complicated for the non-technical users.

The reluctance of the users for adopting the password managers can also be logical. Because of the ingrained mental models that the passwords shouldn’t be written down or stored

So, in the end, we know that what we should do and what we shouldn’t do to ensure highest online security.

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