Testing cryptography In Android apps

September 17, 2017 gotowebs 0

Essentially, when a developer writes code it is the everyday equivalent of writing a letter to the internet, more often than not that letter has the ability to unlock sensitive consumer information that can be […]

A Pioneer In Android Phone Hacking

May 25, 2017 gotowebs 0

Hacking android phones is the topic of the day and every teenager and a wannabee hacker is trying several ways to get into their buddies’ phones.  That happens mostly because people forget about their mobile […]

Learn How To Prevent Android Threat

March 18, 2017 gotowebs 0

This is the era of smartphones. Now we can do almost anything via smartphones. From communication to the intense usage such as file sharing, video streaming, data safety, the internet, video conference, etc. The smartphone […]

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