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You can Hide Facebook Messages

Facebook . We all know the name as it has become a crucial part of our life. Most of us spend a handful amount of time on Facebook. We share our thoughts, share our emotions, share our moments as a picture, we share videos, and now we can even go Live on Facebook. Currently, Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world. More than 1.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is doing a great job and the founder chairman Mark Zuckerberg has announced recent updates for upcoming days. The number of the user is growing day by day. At first, we only got to share text messages through the site. Later time, Facebook has released their mobile and PC-based app and messenger that makes Facebook browsing and chatting much easier. Not only chatting, now we can share instant image and videos through the app, but you can also make voice and video calls too. This is the Facebook for you. The most popular way to communicate with your friends around the world. Let’s talk about the latest Facebook messages scenario.

New Facebook Security Update to Hiding Private Facebook Messages

Few month ago, Facebook announced that they are going to test e2e or end-to-end encryption capabilities in their messenger app. It will enable a secret conversation between Facebook users. This is a whole new level of Facebook security step. Only sender and recipient will see the messages and even Facebook will not be able to see the message! Every Facebook users will be able to set a precise timer to limit the time of visibility of their messages during the conversation. Facebook will employ a signal protocol technology which can be called as open whisper system. This protocol will be using to provide the encryption. 

Another twist is, the E2E encrypted messages won’t be visible in multiple devices at the same time. The encryption is an optional feature, though. As we know, we change devices during our conversation. We use mobile, tablet and PC. However, the following encryption will let you use only one device to maintain the chit chat. However, one can’t send images, videos or ca not make online payments by using the encryption technology.

Is E2E or End-to-End Justified?

There are many comments and thoughts regarding E2E or end-to-end encryption technology. Facebook users are raising questions regarding the encryption system. The senior security officer at Facebook, Alex Stamos has few things to say. He stated, all secret messages will be encrypted under two keys, and the remote key will be revoked. Stamos also tweeted, all the messenger users chat web-to-web, and there is no secure way to store code or keys without using mobile.

Senior analyst at Midea Research (, Tim Mulligan says, there are two most important uses for Facebook that has been served by E2E encryption. These are consumer policies and security protocol. Mulligan also said to the TechNewsWorld (, “First, it will help Facebook appear to be on the side of the digital consumer; and secondly, it allows the company to inhabit the same ethical high ground that has hitherto been the preserve of Apple regarding the privacy of its users.”

Is Dual System a Disappointment?

Facebook dual system or dual approach is the thing that allows both encrypted and unencrypted messages in the same system. According to Nate Cardozo, staff attorney at EFF, this dual approach is fundamentally an unsafe design choice. Nate also explained, how easier it is to send unencrypted messages when the tool already has two options. He thinks it would be problematic to make all Facebook messages encrypted. It is such kind of problem that might lead millions of customer turning back from Facebook. That’s not all. It also requires a tremendous amount of engineering works.

The E2E Encryption Debate

The whole system development comes at a very serious time in the technology-based business industry. Apple recently spent several months in fighting a Department of Justice demand that it facilitate to produce a backdoor to get the access to data on an iPhone it needed to look for clear proof in its investigation of the San Bernardino terrorist act last year. Apple somehow resisted the demand, arguing that it might undermine the security of the iPhone, can invade users privacy, and destroy consumer confidence in the product that can cause a massive loss.

The case wound its manner through court for months and place much of Silicon Valley at odds with the national law and national security specialists who wished the tech business industry to assist track down on ISIS-related activity on social media, as well as offer larger cooperation in efforts to resolve terrorism-based cases. The Department of Justice later found an outside firm to assist it in breaking into the iPhone employed by the shooters, and Apple was left behind in the dark on the strategies used to access the information.

There are two major pro’s and con’s in the new E2E encryption method.

One is the safety of personal data. You can easily handle Facebook messages that can only be seen by you and the person who receives your Facebook messages, and the other one is, this encryption system can play a direct role in a possible crime. As we know, even Facebook will not be able to see the message you send or the message you receive.

So, Facebook is under a question. Facebook security is strong now. But is it still secure at the end of the day? A criminal can easily transfer important messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere and nobody will never know. So, what can you do? Don’t just sit and wait for the tech’s world to find all of the solutions for your safety. You can keep yourself safe by following the recommended internet security tips, and cyber security tips, as well!

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