Learn About Routing And Switching – Tutorial Part 2

In the part one of routing and switching we have talked mostly about switches and a little bit about routers. In this lesson, we will continue with explaining routing and routers and everything it can be done with switching for business. Let’s continue with getting more knowledge for our Network Fundamentals Course!

Routers are also used for analyzing the data that is being sent all over the network. They have the ability to change how it is all packaged and later sent to some other network or even through a different type of network. Routing can connect every business to anything needed in the outside world easily. What else routing does is that it always makes sure that all the information stays very well protected from any kind of security threat that may appear. Also, the priority of computers and networks is what routing can decide too. What are the capabilities of routers and routing? We created a list for you!

1.Firewalls. Some very specialized software that has a purpose to examine all the data that is incoming and also to protect your business network against cyber attacks.

2.VPN, or Virtual Private Network. The employees can safely access the network.

3.IP Phone Network. It has an option to combine the business computer and a telephone network just by using the voice and some other conferencing technology. It can unify and simplify many communications.

Now, after learning all that you need to know about switches and routers and switching and routing, we will see how it can be implemented into a business!

1.The app’s sharing. The employees’ productivity can increase by sharing different information and applications. Routing and switching technologies will allow all employees, no matter in which location they are, to have an access to same tools and to connect to them.

2.Access speed. The information can be managed efficiently with switching and routing. Also, it can improve a lot of customers’ responsiveness. In the nowadays world, everyone expects fast responses and that is where switching and routing take place. What you need is a reliable and fast responsive network to be successful. Besides that, with buying time, responses can be made more intelligently.

3.The customer’s service enhance. Switching and routing can make ready access to customer information and also improve the responsiveness, as we have already talked about that in the fact number two.

4.The reduction of costs. Operating costs can be easily reduced with routing and switching. How is that possible? Because when implementing it, an office equipment can be easily shared and it will definitely increase the high-speed internet access. We all know that such situations may cost much, but not with routing and switching.

5.Reducing risks. Everyone wants to stay safe in the cyber world, right? You can improve your safety and your business safety by using routing and switching. It will protect all the valuable information and sensitive data.

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