What is Malicious File Upload And How You Can fix It?

Malicious File Upload

Malicious File Upload Description: If applications having file upload feature do not check for permissible

  • file extension
  • file size
  • file content etc

then those applications are having malicious file upload vulnerability.


  • The server or computer system may get affected with virus or other malicious software if run after upload.
  • The application may execute malicious code if the uploaded file has executable code in it and it is used to run as part of a program.

How to Fix:

  • Check for File extensions and allow only permitted file extension such as pdf,CSV or text
  • Implement file size checker to avoid Denial of Service by trying to upload too large files.
  • Do not keep uploaded file under directories that have execute permissions.
  • Assign the file uploaded with a random name, do not trust any input including file names.
  • All validations should be done at server side only
  • Install antivirus that detects any malicious file uploaded, in such case discard or delete the file and do not save it in computer system.

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