How To Protect Your Device Against Mobile Ransomware

Nowadays, Mobile security threats are on the rise with the Ransomware hitting the devices to a greater extent. The awareness on the Mobile Ransomware is also increasing. It is the type of Malware which is annoying. It starts with affecting the desktop from where it tangles onto your mobile devices.

The Cryptolocker, is the popular Ransomware that affects the desktop and encrypts all the data. Of lately, it has affected the mobile devices also. The Mobile Ransomware will encrypt all the data and it will offer to restore it only if you pay ransom. Another type is called Blocker, that blocks the browser or operating system. It stops their working and demands a ransom to return access.

With the recent technology updates and introduction of Android or iOS phones, all the files are backed up with the CloudApp. Hence, the users do not have to pay the ransom to protect their files.

As soon as your mobile is infected with the ransomware, you will receive the message that your device has been locked. It will also read that to get it unlocked, the user will have to pay a fee. Some of the popular Mobile Ransomware are:








Once your mobile is infected with the malware, the only option you are left with is to boot it into the safe mode.At this point only the system apps are started on the device. When you are sure that your mobile device now runs in the safe mode, the disturbing apps can be uninstalled using the mobile’s functionality. But why would you even let your mobile device get in such a trouble? And you, of course. Learn to implement the internet security tips in your daily life!

In case you observe that the Ransomware originates from the web browser and not from the malicious app on the phone, it is best advisable to back off from this web page.

It is the common practice of these cyber criminals to pretend in the name of higher authorities that includes FBI, USA Cyber Crime Investigation and others. In most of the cases, it is seen that the cyber criminals employ the Green Dot Money Pak, Ukash, or other prepaid card services to collect the fake fines. The mobile users must be aware that any body like FBI will never involve themselves in such activities.

What happens if some of the mobile users fall prey to Ransomware?

In case some of the mobile device users fall prey to the Ransomware, it is not necessary that the criminals will unblock your phone.Despite paying the money, they will prefer not to return the access or information. Instead, you will face data loss.

What is the basic thing to avoid falling prey?

Simply avoid accessing the untrusted sources of mobile apps and avoid any third party apps.

What should you do to remove the “The device is Blocked” message?

To remove these screen blocking messages the first thing you should do is :

Hold the power button on your device.

When you see the opened notification window, press the “Power Off” option.

When you press it long, you see a new window that says Reboot to Safe mode. Just tap ‘OK’ and start the reboot.

After this you can uninstall the application in the Application Manager.

What should you do to protect your device against Mobile Ransomware?

The first and very important thing that the mobile users should do to protect their mobiles from the Ransomware is to take the backup of the files. You may lose the recent documents but can restore the earlier version of it from the backup files.

Set to show the hidden file extensions. More often it is noticeable that the browsers on the mobile devices do not show the file extensions.The Ransomware affects the file that has the extensions like .PDF,.EXE. eset the systems ability to see the full file extension. This makes it easier to spot the suspicious files.

Filter the mails with the .EXE extensions. If that is possible, the mobile device users should keep a check on the mails or filter to deny the ones which includes the attachment with the .EXE extension.

Disable Macros in the Microsoft Office file to avoid scripting in the Microsoft Office Files. These Microsoft Office Files uses the powerful scripting language to automate any action that you can perform.

Immediately disable the Remote Desktop Protocol, that allows the users to access your desktop remotely.If you do not need it, then disable it to protect your machine from the Filecoder.


You can try to download the apps to protect your mobile devices from the Ransomware. However, the premium antivirus software app protects all your phones, macs, and tablets in just one subscription. In that case, do not consider the price against the loss of the private and confidential data. These cyber criminals can leave you for no good, if the mobile device is vulnerable. Make your decision explicitly and clearly.

If you use the mobile device with safe internet connection, then it will automatically update and scan the mobile for the virus and infections. It gives you the real time protection against the malware surely.

So, keep yourself and your mobile device updated for the latest technological updates that can save you from the personal identity or financial losses. Keep your knowledge updated too, by reading about the cyber security tips.

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