How a Hacker can break into Your Smartphone

Who is the hacker?
Well, who steals things that belongs to another person is called hacker or thief.
In this modern age, thief is not only about a household trouble maker but they can also steal your important data from your own device like PC or mobile phone! When a thief tries to gain illegal access into your PC or smartphone they are then called as Hackers. All they need is to get the accessibility to your device. Not only stealing information, but also controlling your own device remotely is a part of hacking. Okay, we know what hacker and hacking more or less. As we know, a hacker can infiltrate your PC and mobile device to do harm. Today, I will talk about smartphone breakin (break-in).

Nowadays, we all use smartphones and the number of smartphone users are increasing day by day. Some are using Android smartphones, some are using iPhone and Blackberry. So, the high rising number of smartphone user is noticeable. This is a very good news for us. 

But wait! There is a bad news too. Smartphones are also getting infected by malware. You are cautious about your computer but what about your smartphone? Do you know as much as you need about the internet security tips? Hackers are targeting and sending those malware to any smartphone users very easily. There are many ways a hacker can gain access into your smartphone. Let’s see:

Smartphone Breakin and How It Works?

Using Hacking Tools
There are some hacking tools are now available by which a hacker can easily perform smartphone breakin. MSpy is one of those vicious apps. MSpy is one kind of spy tools. Anyone can install this apps into your smartphone. All they need is physical access to your device. Once the MSpy apps is installed into your device, the hacker can easily track your whereabouts, can steal information from your phone and can even control your phone remotely. To protect your device from this apps, you have to maintain a strict privacy. Set a strong password on your device. Password should not be lesser than 10 digit and should be alphanumeric.

You Credit Card is in Danger
Are you using the credit card with radio frequency identification chip (RFID) system? Well, you need to be an extra vigilant person. There are some smartphones are equipped with Near Filed Communication (NFC) system. Through this system, a hacker can transmit your RFID data very easily. A hacker will use a perfect malware just to gain access into your phone and then will be able to steal and your RFID enabled credit card data from your device. A hacker can create a clone version of your card too! So, you have to ensure the highest security for your phone wallet. Learn more about the internet security tips from the best sources!

Juice Jacking
Sounds quite weird right? Do not overthink. It’s not even closely related to any fruit juice diet or something like that. Juice jacking is one kind of smart hacking method where hackers targets those phones that are running low in battery. Do not try to stay on a free charging station for so long. Once you plug in the infected charger to your phone, you will just give an open permission to access your device. So, try to ignore free charging station and try to keep your own power bank with you.

Wi-Fi Hack
Hackers or cybercriminals are always looking for free open Wi-Fi network. So, be careful if you are using your phone as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. If you do so, do not forget to protect your Wi-Fi spot with strong password. Remember, if someone does any illegal stuffs by using your Wi-Fi, then police will be looking for you only. So, don’t be so careless about using your phone Wi-Fi hotspot. Protect your Wi-Fi and do share your password with trustworthy persons only.

Beware of Flashlight Apps
In Google Play Store there are many flashlight apps are available which apps are bigger in size. I mean, those apps shouldn’t be bigger than 100 kilobytes only. But, when you see a flashlight apps is larger than 500 kilobytes or even larger than 1 megabytes, then this apps has some issues. Be careful about it. Do not install. You may never know that someone is spying on your device through those apps!

Virus via Free Wi-Fi
As we already know that hackers are always looking for a golden chance to get accessibility on your smartphone. If your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is not secured then maybe someday your phone will be infiltrated by the hacker. Once a hacker can access on your phone, they can do lot of thing you can’t even expect. A hacker will be able to steal data from your phone, they will be able to control your device remotely and they can send malware or virus to your phone.

Future of Hackers and Hacking
Researchers at M.I.T has discovered the vulnerabilities of smartphones by hacking it. Should anyone be able to get within your smartphone, it’d be comparatively simple for them to uncover your ‘live data’ – like your statistic, BMI or maybe whether or not you’re asleep or awake. Um, no thanks? However hacking into wearable devices may only be the start as technology continues to advance. A new trend in body modification has been arising in tattoo parlors across the world. They actually claims themselves biohackers, cyborgs and grinders. Those who use laptop chips as a part of their body modification. It’s a niche market, however biohacking enthusiasts will insert magnetic chips into their bodies to attach to their smartphones. The govt. is even functioning on a chip that once inserted into the human brain will probably restore memory.


It’s long been hypothesized regarding how simply a malicious hacker could find out the way to hack into medical devices similar to pacemakers and bionic limbs. As we still merge with new technology, there’s no telling what hackers of tomorrow may well be able to do.

So, this is all about smartphone breakin.
These are some holes by which a hacker can get into your device and you will not even get a clue. To stop smartphone breakin, you must be very careful.

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