How it works: Iris scanning improves smartphone security

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We have discussed too many kinds of stuff on smartphone feature and smartphone security issues. Just because the number of the smartphone users has increased and it’s still counting. However, there are many brands are leading the market. Like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, LG and much more to come. They are featuring their phones with newer versions of configurations and other strategies.

The primary concern regarding smartphones are the security issues. Every year, many cyber threats are ruining many users ease of using smartphones. Cyber criminals are trying to hit the smartphones all the way to control and steal private data from the users.

However, many new highly technological security features are coming nowadays. Ensuring the highest security shield against cyber intruders is necessary. Iris scanning is one of those latest features. Iris scanning is the latest and the finest feature which is coming to the market recently.

How the Iris Scanning Works?

Let’s learn something about the anatomy of an eye first. So, what is the iris? Iris is a part of our eyes. It looks like a ring in the middle of the central pupil and sclera. It has its kind of muscle that can control the aperture process of the pupil and it is interlaced with the ligament of connective tissue.

When you hold your phone in front of your face by following a guided distance, it shoots a near infrared light in your eyes. This is how your phone can recognize your eyes or iris and unlocks the phone immediately after the scanning process. This is the new system to login or unlocks your phone. It can secure your phone from physical harm like theft. There are different types of the iris in our eyes. The new iris scan technology can identify more than 200 types of unique iris. Therefore, it is hard for an unwanted person to unlock your device quite quickly.

Currently, Microsoft Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Fujitsu Arrow NX, ZTE Nubia Prague S and HP Elite x3 contains this iris scanning feature. It will be available in many phones near future.

Experts Comments?

Referred by CW, Analyst of Moor Insight and Strategist Patrick Moorhead says, “There are 225 different points of comparison that are unique to each iris, compared to 40 on a fingerprint. So Iris scanning can be more accurate. And fingerprints get worn, calloused, and dirty – and in winter you have to wear gloves.”

Moorhead also quoted, “No one is very boastful about how secure they are since it would make them a target for black hats. They want to keep it a mystery. The more people you tell the details to, the less secure it will be.”

CEO of IriTech Daehoon Kim says, “Due to advances in image capturing technology; iris scanners no longer require dedicated and bulky camera sensors and lens. Instead, high-quality iris images can now be obtained using CMOS sensors, with the negligible extra cost for an NIR LED.”

So, as we can see, experts and researcher are saying different things regarding iris scanning smartphone security. Some say it’s secure and some say there are still vulnerabilities. Moorhead also says, “Every biometric security implementation needs to be examined by third-party researchers, and that has not happened yet with iris scanning. But iris scanning should be the wave of the future if it’s as good as they say.” As you read about the experts saying opposite things, you can take your safety in your hands! Find out everything you need about cyber security tips and internet security tips!

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