• Keylogger
    Web Application Attacks

    How To Control User Access | Cyber Security Tips

    The common problem in the web application is that basically all of the users’ inputs are actually untrusted. Some cyber security tips and measures really need to be taken by application for defending themselves from [...]
  • Web Application Attacks

    How To Prevent Authentication Attack

    I hope that most of you are already well-known with the information about the authentication. But let us mention the basics at least. The authentication is the simplest of all security mechanisms employed within the [...]
  • Web Application Attacks

    Attacking Session Management | Session Hijack Attack

    Let’s start with the explanation of the session management role. This mechanism is a fundamental security component in the majority of web apps. It enables the application to uniquely identify a given user across a [...]
  • Web Application Attacks

    Attacking The Web Application Server

    As we are already well introduced, any kind of web app is depending on the other layers of the technology stack which support it, and also including the application or the web server, networking infrastructure [...]



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